Welcome to Europon Livestock UK Limited

Europon Livestock UK Ltd. has been active in the UK for more than 20 years.

We specialise in the import of quality dairy cattle, mostly from the mainland Europe and Ireland.

Over recent years our main source of cattle has been Holland with imports from Germany, France and Denmark as well.

Of the thousands of cattle we have brought to the UK, the majority are incalf heifers, normally 5-7 months incalf.

We are also able to source and import freshly calved heifers / young cows and youngstock of any age.

Most cattle are full pedigree Holstein cattle, black and white or red and white but we also specialise in finding other breeds like Montbeliarde, Brown Swiss, MRI etc.

You tell us what cattle you want and Europon Livestock UK will take care of everything and deliver them safely to you farm.