Advice from Europon about your new imported cattle

Your cattle will be assembled, prior to their journey to your farm, in an officially recognised isolation barn in the country of origin. Here they are inspected by Ministry-appointed veterinarians and any necessary tests or vaccinations are carried out. They are then loaded into top class cattle trucks, equipped with all the mod cons required for a journey, such as water drinkers, air fans and feeding facilities. The drivers are very experienced with cattle. Bedding is normally a deep layer  of straw and sawdust.

We strongly advise you:

  • Unload into a straw yard. Separated from the rest of the herd if possible but this is not necessary or required by the Ministry.
  • Have available good quality hay/silage, suitable minerals and clean water.
  • Leave your new cattle in the straw yard for a few days to settle down before moving them on into the main herd.
  • Do not unload them directly onto concrete such as a cubicle shed or concrete passage way. Cattle¬† off-loaded like this tend to run off the lorry and can too easily crash or slip into each other or into walls and gates.
  • Do not offload them into a field. Everything is new and cattle will run too fast often pushing each other through fences or gates.
  • Keep an eye on them for the first weeks after introduction into the herd as they are new, often the youngest, and bullying is bound to take place.

Despite our care in selecting the best cattle and transporting them to you in good condition, occasionally, something can go wrong.

Europon offer you comprehensive insurance cover at a favourable rate:

Transport and 30 days after arrival:

Death : 100% of invoice value
Abortion : 40%
Emergency slaughter : 100% less slaughter value

Veterinary costs for live saving treatment up to 25% of invoice value.

After 30 days :

Abortion: 40%
Death during calving: 100%
Vet costs caesarean: 25%
1 Blind quarter 25%
2 Blind quarters 50%
3 Blind quarters 100%, less slaughter value

The cost of the insurance is 4% of the invoice value.