Bluetongue Free Status for Holland & Germany

As from the 15th February, 2012 the EU has declared Holland and Germany officially free of Bluetongue.

This means that cattle from these 2 countries no longer have to comply with the strict vaccination programmes that were in place for export over the last few years , this despite there being no new cases of Bluetongue for nearly 3 years.

This means that our selectors/agents in both countries will have far more cattle available from which to choose when we source heifers and young cows for our clients in the UK.

The last few years have sometimes seen us struggling to fulfil all the orders we received. We are quite confident now that we can supply our farmers with the right cattle at the right time and of course, at the right price.

The recent strong pound has made us even more competitive in the overheated dairy market here in the UK.

Please contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.

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