Over the last few years, most countries in Europe have been very active in trying to eliminate different diseases from their national herds.

All countries in Europe from whom we import our cattle ,are officially free  from TB.

Only Ireland is still having problems eradicating this disease.

So, if you buy cattle from e.g. Holland, Germany or France ,you are guaranteed cattle that are free from TB.

Many other diseases such as IBR, Johne’s and BVD  have now been eliminated under National programmes in different countries. For example, in Denmark and Germany, most herds are now certified free of IBR and Lepto.

Our advice is, however, to vaccinate your imported cattle before or soon after they arrive with a multi-vaccine to protect them. This is more to protect them from infection from your existing cattle as most of us do not know exactly which diseases we may or may not have in the herd.This can best be seen as a form of insurance.

We are always happy to discuss these topics with you and to arrange specific tests or vaccinations for your imported cattle