What we offer

Europon Livestock UK is very proud of its record for good service that it has built up over the last 20 years ,supplying individual farmers in the UK with the stock that they need  on their farm for their particular farming system.

Experience counts for a lot in this business and we certainly have plenty of that.

All aspects of the process to get your new animals to your farm are covered so that we can give the client the best possible service.

We all know farming is not a 9 – 5 occupation and we therefore, do our utmost to be available as much as possible to answer queries and solve problems.

We offer our clients the chance to select their own animals in the country of origin. In this case, you will be collected at the airport  by our partners and go with them to make your selection. Sometimes,we will accompany you from the UK on your buying trip.

Or, you can leave the selection to us. Most farmers know the type of cattle they want and our selectors have all had many years of experience to be able to get together  the right group of cattle for you. All the people along the chain, have a lot of experience of practical farming.

Following selection, the cattle are collected from the farm of origin and taken to a central collection barn. Here they are inspected by official Ministry veterinarians,and,if there are health tests necessary, they will be carried out . If requested, vaccinations such as IBR can also be carried out here before the animals are transported.

All necessary EU health certificates will be signed before the cattle can leave for their destinations in some of the best and most luxurious cattle transport available. The cattle will be provided with deep straw and sawdust bedding and plenty of feed and water is on board, There are drinking nipples provided for the heifers and fans to provide constant fresh air.

The drivers, who are mostly from an agricultural background, are very experienced and used to handling cattle.